Who We Are

Coordinated by two senior lawyers and Law Professors, Osvaldo Agripino and Adão Ferreira, with thirty years of experience on the international trade, maritime and port sectors, dealing with complex legal problems, Agripino & Ferreira Legal Consulting, a law firm registered on Brazilian Bar Association (OAB/SC) - n. 2.477, offers legal services specialized and updated in Regulation of Transportation and Ports, Maritime, Port and International Trade Law.

Our legal services are personalized with full involvement of our staff and direct interaction between the main partners and its customers. The main sphere of our activity includes civil, administrative, economic regulation and criminal matters relating to shipping and ports, logistics, tariffs, surcharges, freights, maritime accidents, compensations, recovery, insurance and claims. We also provide advices, legal opinions and legal counsel for litigation our clients, specially shippers, terminal operators and carriers when it is needed.

Our practice on board of Merchant ships is an important differential to discover tailored made solution to our client's problems related to international shipping and port industries, aiming to reduce risks and cost. Our expertise proves that this is an important tool to create good solving problem strategy in an institutional framework with a huge legal uncertainty.

Our Services

The firm renders a array of legal services seeking a balance between specialization in the main areas of expertise (corporate, transportation, shipping, port, international trade, tax, customs and international contracts) and a broader view of the client's demand and of the results expected from each legal strategy.

Customized client service in company to attend specific demands of shippers, NVOCC's, customs brokers, carriers, terminal operators, pilots, crew members and maritime agents.

Legal advice at distance through phone call, skype and e-mail messages.

In order to reduce the legal risk of the business activities of our clients, we may create in-company training, workshops and legal lectures tailored to your organization specific's needs.